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Sponsor and manage your global workforce from one platform

Increase your organization’s ability to hire, mobilize and manage talent across international borders

Create a company profile once, and done

VisaLex completely automates the application process for both you and your global workforce. Complete a company profile one time and our intuitive platform populates all future forms quickly and easily. Our organization-specific dashboard makes the process seamless and easy to manage for your internal HR & legal teams. Employees can feel secure entering in their information via a portal that is customized with your corporate branding.

Ensure compliance with U.S. immigration laws

Tracking the status of your global workforce can be a daunting task. Your personalized global workforce dashboard provides one view into your entire workforce sponsorship needs. Our dedicated, highly-skilled, affiliated legal team ensures you are adhering to the strictest regulatory standards to ensure your company maintains full compliance.

Role-based access and collaboration

Role-based access ensures that sensitive data is only visible to designated team members such as HR and legal teams. With centralized communication, your teams will gain the insight they need to accurately process and track multiple applications for incoming and returning foreign workers.

  • Status tracking & reporting tools
  • Global workforce dashboard
  • Secure, role-based access
  • Built by industry veterans

Manage your global workforce

Reporting modules help your teams forecast budgets, predict costs and manage upcoming expirations and visa eligibility. Our built-in document library organizes the needed supporting documentation and makes them easily accessible for future petitions and you will never miss a deadline, expiration or due date with actionable to-dos and customizable task lists.

Attorney reviews and consulting

Unlike most other online services, employees will be assigned a highly-skilled immigration attorney from our affiliated law firm that works exclusively for our clients. Consultation services are available via phone, video conference or in person.

Prepared petition package

By entering their information into one simple form, VisaLex completes all the necessary forms and directs the employee from start to finish, including any necessary documents needed to complete the process. Once all information and documentation has been submitted, your employee will be provided with access to a professionally prepared custom cover letter and petition.

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