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Whether you are looking to study at a U.S. university or improve your English at a language school in the U.S., our easy-to-understand Smart Form will take the stress out of the process. Once you complete the process, our staff will provide you with a professionally prepared custom cover letter and petition. The F-1 visa, or the “student visa” is issued to individuals that want to study full time in the United States, the main requirement is that you must be enrolled in a full-time academic program.

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Once your Smart Form is complete, VisaLex automatically identifies and gathers the required documentation for your specific case. We also provide you with a personalized, secure dashboard that allows you to upload the necessary documents at your own pace.

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Once your paperwork has been completed, you will be provided with access to a professionally prepared, custom cover letter and petition. Essentially everything you need to complete your journey.

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After you answer a series of questions, VisaLex will populate ALL the necessary forms, inform you about any required documents you may need and guide you through the entire process.

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Unlike most other online services, highly-skilled immigration attorneys from the VisaLex affiliated law firm work exclusively for its clients. Consultation services are available via phone, video conference or in person.

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Once your paperwork has been completed, you will be provided with access to a professionally prepared petition and a custom cover letter. Essentially everything you need to complete your journey.

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