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Whether you are an organization seeking to compete in the global war for talent, an entrepreneur looking to invest in a U.S. business or an individual who wants to work in the U.S., VisaLex helps you stay ahead of the competition.
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No more complicated government forms

After answering a series of questions through our Smart Form, VisaLex populates all the necessary documents and notifies you what additional paperwork you will need to bring with you to your interview, all from one easy-to-understand dashboard.

One place to store all documents

VisaLex will automatically provide you with a list of the required documents for your specific case. All relevant information and documents can be uploaded at your own pace, eliminating the frustration normally associated with the immigration process.

Assigned immigration attorney

Unlike most other online services, you will be assigned a highly-skilled immigration attorney from the VisaLex affiliated law firm that works exclusively for our clients. Consultation services are available via phone, video conference or in person.

Everything For Your Visa

By filling out the VisaLex Smart Form, we remove the need to complete unnecessary and repetitive paperwork. The software not only automatically populates the necessary forms, it informs you of any additional documentation you might need and guides you through the next steps.
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Assigned attorney from VisaLex-affiliated law firm
  • Language specific information removes confusion
  • Secure, two-factor authentication
  • Designed and managed by industry veterans

Streamlined Process

Once completed, VisaLex automatically identifies and notifies you of any required documents for your specific case. Through a personalized, secure dashboard you can upload these documents at your own pace. Once uploaded and approved, you will be provided with a professionally prepared petition and custom cover letter.

Exceptional Support

On-the-fly communication with your assigned VisaLex-affiliated attorney and access to our highly-skilled immigration team means you never have to worry if you have completed all the necessary paperwork. We take the worry out of the process by detailing each step and keeping you informed of your progress.
  • Attorney review every step of the way
  • Ability to track your progress at any time
  • Live support as you need it
  • Fully transparent, track your progress via all-in-one dashboard

Receive Paperwork

Once the VisaLex staff has finished finalizing the document package for your case, it will be published to your dashboard so that you can log in to VisaLex and download your complete document package.

Sign Petition

Once you have downloaded your complete document package, please sign the pages requested at the spots indicated. You will take this signed complete document package with you to your consular interview.

Schedule an Interview

If you are applying while outside the U.S., an interview will be scheduled for you at your U.S. Consulate or Embassy of choice.

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Schedule a 30-minutes consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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VisaLex, LLC is not a law firm. The information and services presented are not legal advice and do not substitute the advice, guidance or recommendation that a licensed immigration attorney can provide. VisaLex is not affiliated with USCIS or any other government agency or website. Pricing for services does not include any government application, biometric or filing fees. VisaLex, LLC is a private software company that offers self-help services at the user's direction. If you are looking for blank forms, they are available for free at