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O-1 Visa – Extraordinary Abilities

For individuals who possess extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics, with a record of recognition for their achievements.
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To qualify for the O-1 Visa, you must show proof of national or international acclaim in at least three different categories of evidence. You must be able to work in the U.S. in your area of expertise for a temporary period of time and have a U.S. entity willing to provide you with a petition. Alternatively, you must have a contract for employment and have a U.S. labor group provide an advisory opinion.

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By answering a few simple online questions, VisaLex removes the need to complete unnecessary duplicate paperwork. When you have answered the necessary questions, the software automatically populates all the necessary government forms.

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VisaLex will automatically identify and provide you with a list of the required documents for your specific case. All relevant information and documents can be uploaded at your own pace, saving you valuable time and eliminating the frustration normally associated with the immigration process.

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Once your documents have been uploaded and approved, VisaLex will generate and send to you, via your personalized dashboard, a professionally prepared custom cover letter included in your petition. That’s all there is to it!

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Following your initial consultation, you will be directed to create an account. After filling out our Smart Form, you will automatically be paired with one of our highly-trained immigration attorneys who will guide you through the entire process. Entrepreneurs, investors and business-minded individuals will appreciate the ease with which they can apply, track and manage the entire immigration process from one online portal.

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Once you sign up and answer a series of questions, VisaLex will create a personalized dashboard designed specifically for you. From our portal, you can easily upload additional documents, check the status of your petition and collaborate on your case with your assigned immigration attorney.
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No matter the question or concern, our dedicated immigration team has answers. Gain access to an assigned, highly-skilled immigration attorney from the VisaLex affiliated law firm that work exclusively for our clients. Consultation services are available via phone, video conference or in person.

Assigned immigration attorney

A special feature of the solution includes access to an assigned, highly-skilled immigration attorney from the VisaLex affiliated law firm that work exclusively for our clients. Consultation services are available via phone, video conference or in person.

No more complicated government forms

We remove the redundancy of filling out duplicate paperwork. After answering a series of questions, VisaLex populates all the necessary forms and notifies you of any documents that you will need to upload or bring with you to your interview, all from one simple dashboard.

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Eliminate the confusion when filling out English-only forms. Our online Smart Form, correspondence and on-the-fly communication with your assigned attorney is done in your native language, solving a very real issue facing many immigrants when they try to navigate the process.

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After the VisaLex staff has reviewed all of your data, you will receive the paperwork, sign the petition/application, and schedule an interview.
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