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VisaLex's mission is to provide you with the most efficient and transparent way to achieve your dreams.
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VisaLex proudly offers an easy-to-use online platform where all information and documents needed for your entire visa application are processed in one easily accessible place.

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VisaLex's online platform offers complete transparency, allowing you to clearly track the progress of your visa application each step of the way.

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VisaLex’s online platform features instantaneous help features available to aid you the moment you need assistance, whether it is via live chat, phone, video conference or in-person.


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to Apply for Your Individual or Business Visa

Multiple Languages

The VisaLex platform is available in numerous languages and offers built-in translation features in languages such as English, Spanish and Portuguese, making VisaLex user friendly worldwide. This allows you to complete your entire visa application in your native language.


With VisaLex, you no longer have to struggle or feel overwhelmed with trying to determine the best visa to meet your needs, and the accompanying seemingly endless forms and paperwork. VisaLex offers customized, efficient, streamlined services to suit all your particular immigration law needs.

Transparent Progress

The VisaLex platform offers you the convenience of uploading all the documents needed for your case to one, easily navigated space, while also offering built-in case status update notices and attorney communication features. VisaLex offers you the ability to clearly see and understand the process of your case each step of the way.
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What our customers say:
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Marcelo Rodrigues
“VisaLex guided me through the immigration process with professionalism in all stages. VisaLex always valued customer satisfaction and provided me with information, clarifications and guidelines in different situations! Thank you very much!”
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Marcela Martins
Wife of Business Manager
“I was very confused when I started looking for ways to come to the United States. But once I started with VisaLex, their easy-to-use system as well as their knowledgeable staff guided me through the complicated process. Now I have my Green Card and look forward to working with them on my Citizenship!”
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Fernando Magalhaes
Journalist and Attorney
“VisaLex was a great asset throughout my immigration process! With their knowledgeable staff working with me throughout my application, I was able to successfully immigrate to the United States! VisaLex made my immigration process smooth and easy to understand. I cannot recommend them enough!”
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