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Hassle-free immigration

Hiring the brightest talent from around the world is a key way to ensure global thinking, foster innovative ideas, and gain a competitive edge. But to land the best people, you need to offer the best opportunities.

Become a destination employer by sponsoring U.S. employment-based Green Cards and work visas for new hires and prospective workers from overseas

Partnering with VisaLex will minimize the stress and hassle of managing the immigration process, giving your HR teams the efficiency they seek and your international hires the transparency they want.


Improve the efficiency of your immigration program

Get everything your organization needs to enjoy a seamless immigration experience right here. Trust VisaLex to expertly navigate your business around immigration pitfalls and overcome these major challenges.

Without VisalexWithout Visalex

Overwhelming workload for HR teams

Many HR teams suffer from tremendous workloads once they are tasked to manage immigration programs on top of their regular work. Without relevant expertise in immigration law or tools that could help navigate through an extremely complicated U.S. immigration system, HR folks literally burn to fulfill the goals set before them. No wonder it negatively affects how they perform on their core HR duties.

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Easier for you, better for your applicants

By partnering with VisaLex, your organization can implement an immigration program without putting critical core HR duties at risk. Your HR team can offload all the hassle to immigration experts who know the U.S. work visa and Green Card application processes from A to Z and who will ensure everything is prepared properly and on time. Meanwhile, the highly skilled attorneys from our affiliated law firm will ensure that every one of your applications is a solid case in the eyes of immigration officials.

Easier for you, better for your applicantsEasier for you, better for your applicantsEasier for you, better for your applicants
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Constantly changing immigration rules

U.S. immigration policy has never been more volatile, and it’s hard to redict when the next change will affect your immigration program and how serious the impact will be. Yet it’s essential to stay on top of all new laws, policy changes, agency decisions, executive actions, court rulings, and even unannounced changes to immigration forms; otherwise, you’re at huge risk of your applications being denied.

With VisalexWith Visalex

100% compliance, and no surprises

VisaLex is an expert on U.S. immigration policies and procedures, and we’re constantly on the lookout for any change that could affect our clients. We update our resources in a timely manner, so you don’t have to worry about misleading information or outdated fields in our software. But that’s not all — we also proactively notify both the employer and employee if an application falls out of compliance with immigration rules.

100% compliance, and no surprises100% compliance, and no surprises100% compliance, and no surprises
Without VisalexWithout Visalex

Slow and laborious tracking of each employee’s case

The more staff you need to relocate to the U.S., the more difficult it is to stay in control of each individual’s current standing in their immigration journey. Poor visibility into who’s failing to provide required documentation, who’s missing deadlines, or who’s dealing with RFEs creates legitimate anxiety about the likelihood of failed applications.

With VisalexWith Visalex

Single platform, complete visibility

VisaLex offers a simple and efficient solution to the problem: a comprehensive SaaS platform that is available online anytime and from anywhere. This centralized management enables you to easily monitor the progress of each application, so you’ll always know which employees are solidly on track for success and which ones require your prompt assistance.

Single platform, complete visibilitySingle platform, complete visibilitySingle platform, complete visibility
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Inefficient and insecure document management

Most petitions for a U.S. employment-based Green Card or a temporary work visa request a number of supporting documents that are integral to success. Manually securing and managing this pile of important papers for each employee is a real headache for HR teams, which can lead to costly mistakes and omissions.

With VisalexWith Visalex

Centralized storage and easy management

VisaLex makes it easy to manage all petition-related documents by housing them securely and conveniently in a single online storage. You can easily see which documents are in place and which are still needed, as well as which files are mandatory and which are only recommended. All data uploaded to the VisaLex platform is protected from unauthorized view or use.

Centralized storage and easy managementCentralized storage and easy managementCentralized storage and easy management
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Lack of collaboration and poor communication

Effective communication between the employer, the sponsored employees, and their attorneys is critical to building a strong immigration case. Unfortunately, enabling effective collaboration among all stakeholders can be difficult. For example, getting answers to urgent questions from outside attorneys at a traditional law firm often takes days or even weeks.

With VisalexWith Visalex

Fast, effective communication

VisaLex dramatically simplifies collaboration by enabling direct communication between all parties involved in the immigration process from a single online platform that they can use anywhere and anytime. Whether you need to get professional advice from the attorneys on your case or VisaLex experts need to notify you about an approaching deadline, communication is quick and easy.

Fast, effective communicationFast, effective communicationFast, effective communication
Without VisalexWithout Visalex

Lack of transparency for foreign job seekers

The most talented foreign workers increasingly favor employers who offer a transparent immigration plan and unwavering support throughout the immigration process. Publishing vague promises on your website is not sufficient to attract them; they expect detailed information on exactly how you’ll help them get their U.S. work visa or Green Card.

With VisalexWith Visalex

Transparent process, backed by a strong vendor

Employers can make their job postings much more compelling to foreign applicants simply by including details about their immigration program and explaining that it is backed by the expertise of a professional immigration technology vendor like VisaLex. Indeed, the right immigration partnership can be the ace up your sleeve as you compete with other employers for the brightest talent from around the globe.

Transparent process, backed by a strong vendorTransparent process, backed by a strong vendorTransparent process, backed by a strong vendor


Enjoy a superior SaaS platform and quality immigration services

VisaLex provides a unique combination of immigration industry expertise, smart cloud-based technology, and a wide range of professional services.

Professional paperwork

Maximize application approval rates with expertly prepared documents and professional translations.

Real-time progress tracking

Keep all your applications moving forward with clear insight into their status and easy communication among all stakeholders.

Smart forms

Eliminate the burden of guiding of your employees through filling out immigration forms by giving them access to VisaLex’s smart forms.

Multiple languages

Attract Spanish and Portuguese speaking candidate by choosing an immigration partner who fully supports those languages.

Centralized management

Easily manage all your applications from a single cloud-based platform that provides security, transparency, and ease of use.

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