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VisaLex is keenly focused on a critical goal: to disrupt the U.S. immigration services market with the most innovative technology. Our SaaS platform offers a streamlined solution for customers seeking U.S. visas and Green Cards. We work hard to help our customers — individuals and businesses — achieve their U.S. immigration goals far more easily!

Key Advantages of VisaLex

VisaLex offers a powerful response to complex laws, convoluted processes, and confusing government forms. We guide our customers through the immigration process from beginning to end, dramatically reducing uncertainty, frustration, and unnecessary work.

Broad range of visas and Green Cards

VisaLex offers a wide variety of U.S. visa and Green Card options, while most competitors support only family-based Green Card and citizenship applications.

Streamlined communication

Collaboration between clients, the VisaLex team, and attorneys from our affiliated law firm is fast and efficient, thanks to an omni-channel message center.

Support for multiple languages

VisaLex further eases the immigration burden by enabling many clients to work in their native tongue — both in the platform and with our teams.

Smart forms

Automatic field completion, helpful hints, and smart document management improve application quality, so clients are happier and VisaLex can process more cases.

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Platform Architecture Highlights

Founded in simplicity, convenience, and reliability, our cloud-native SaaS solution enables us to quickly take advantage of the latest technology advancements to improve our platform and extend its functionality.

SaaS delivery model

VisaLex is a cloud-based software platform, so customers can get started with it quickly, access it from anywhere, and benefit from regular product updates without lifting a finger.

Built on AWS

Built using Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, the VisaLex platform offers high performance, cost-effectiveness, process efficiency, flexibility, and resilience.

Ready for scaling

Kubernetes clusters and dynamic load balancing make the platform agile — it will scale easily to any level of demand without sacrificing stability or performance.

Automation at its core

Our unified platform speeds the immigration journey for customers and reduces the risk of costly errors, thanks to features like automatic field completion, data validation, and data enrichment.

Easy to use

The VisaLex platform spares customers from labyrinthian government materials. Much like a software wizard, it leads users through a series of well-explained steps to craft their strongest possible case.


Our artificial intelligence (AI) technology simplifies case preparation. For example, it tracks form completion patterns and recognizes different immigration cases, so it knows what to ask of users preparing a new petition.

Approaches and Principles

Creating a truly useful solution for the immigration market is a task for real change-makers. But that’s the core mission of VisaLex: changing what has been tangled and frustrating for years. Here are the core parts of our philosophy as trailblazers:

Trust and transparency

We are committed to full trust and transparency, and actively cultivate it with both our customers and each other. Our culture of openness helps our team members share their great ideas, which pays off in every product update and in our business KPIs.

Design thinking

We rigorously research our customers’ needs and constantly refine our understanding of their problems in the face of ever-changing immigration policies. This iterative approach enables us to deliver a truly user-centric solution.

Quality control

We move forward at a rapid pace — but never by sacrificing product quality. We employ full-scale quality assurance procedures, including automated unit, integration, end-to-end, manual regression, backward compatibility, and localization testing.

Commitment to data security

We take our responsibility for keeping our customers’ data secure and private very seriously. We take a “security and privacy by design” approach to protect all sensitive data from unauthorized view or use.

Agile by conviction

We are obsessed with quality and efficiency, so we practice agile across the business. From industry research to code reviews, we collaborate quickly and effectively to deliver greater value.

Focus on strong relationships

Customers entrust us with their dreams, and we love helping them through their entire immigration journey. We build relationships that last far past the celebration of receiving a visa or Green Card.

Languages, Frameworks & Tools

Our developer, analyst, QA, documentation, and DevOps teams aggressively seek out the technologies, frameworks, programming languages, and tools that will work best for them. Here are some of the technologies we employ:

Track your immigration case using our mobile apps for iOS and Android

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