Which visa is right for me?

Find the visa type that suits you.

How long does it take to get a U.S. visa?

Learn about visa application and processing time.

I can't answer a visa question right now. What do I do?

Tips on what to do if there is a question in the visa application, but you don’t have an answer right now.

Am I eligible for a visa?

Assess the chances of your visa approval.

Can I have several applications at the same time?

You can create and work on one or more visa applications with VisaLex.

Can I update data in my application?

Review and update your visa application at any moment before submitting it for review or signing the final package.

How can I see the current status of my application?

Log in to see all your visa applications, with the current status for each application.

Where can I find the most recent information about U.S. visas?

Use only reliable sources of information about U.S. visas.

Why do I need a consultation?

During the consultation, our immigration attorneys review your case and give you professional advice on visa options available to you.

I don't have a business plan. Where do I get one?

Check out what your next steps are if you need a business plan.

I don’t have translations for my documents. Where do I get them?

Check out your next steps if you need translation for your documents.