Getting a work visa (H-1B), explained

A typical procedure for obtaining a work visa (H-1B) includes the following steps:

Step 1. Find a prospective employer

Your first step is to find a prospective employer in the U.S. The employer who offers you a job must be willing to sponsor you for a visa. Please make sure to discuss visa formalities before accepting any offers or starting a new job.

What if you don't have a job offer yet? Try your best to get one. Unfortunately, VisaLex cannot proceed with a work visa petition unless you have a job offer. VisaLex is not a job board and cannot provide any career advice or suggest any potential work opportunities.

Step 2. File an H-1B petition with VisaLex

Once you've got a job offer, your future employer can start filing a visa petition on your behalf. Obtaining an H-1B visa is a long process that requires commitments from your employer (as petitioner) and you (as beneficiary). Both of you will be prompted to provide information.

Our Customer Care specialists will be happy to assist you and your employer to fill in the forms. Once you're done, your case will be forwarded to the legal department for review.

Step 3. Wait for USCIS decision

After submitting your case to USCIS, wait for the officer's decision. VisaLex will keep you posted.